Friday, October 31, 2014

Endless Packing and Preparation- Carole's post

Never for one minute have I had any anxiety about out mission call to Zambia.  However, the preparation and packing is another story.  I have made list after list of things to do and my mind has raced as I lay awake at night.  But now, we are at the end, down to the final countdown.  We have put the final items in our bags and moved the last clothes to a "storage" bedroom in our home so that the Ringles could move in.  The last five days before leaving have been nonstop, since we arrived home late Tuesday night from a five and a half week trip crisscrossing the country to see our children.

Lists and more lists...lots of ziplock baggies...and don't forget the Ranch dressing that we were encouraged to bring!
Is it all going to fit?
How much does this suitcase weigh?

So many white shirts!

And so many blue shirts left behind?  We moved all of our clothing into a spare bedroom.