Saturday, December 27, 2014

The best Christmas pageant ever! - Carole's Post

It was only during the second week in Blantyre that President Chipaka of the Zingwangwa Branch asked me to assist in Primary.  Believe me, my experience there merits a blog all its own, but I wanted to share one activity that was probably similar to what other wards and branches of the church were doing all over the world - the reenactment of the Nativity.
Our branch had a  Christmas activity/party on the afternoon of the 24th and the Primary was asked a week earlier to provide something for the "show". 

Angela and Time were chosen to play Mary and Joseph.

Sister Nora Banda read the Christmas story from the New Testament while carols played in the background.

The perfect costume for girls or boys - the "chitenge" or
 2-meter piece of cloth that a Malawian woman wraps around her body.
The baby Jesus is represented by a rag doll that the branch president keeps in his office and is wrapped in a blue towel, lying in a "manger".

Okay, shepherds and angels, "are you ready?"

We had many, many shepherds, some even holding babies.

An angel

Note the shepherd's staff (the meetinghouse broom).

 The star is getting ready for her debut!

 Isn't she a perfect star!

It's a good thing I brought two scarves with me to Malawi. And throw in a dish towel!

The Wise Men
The gifts on the floor:  hand sanitizer, perfume, and a few kwacha coins

Most of the young children under nine do not speak English but I think everyone understood the very special story we were telling that day.