Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Rain is Falling All Around" - Carole's Post

"Rain is falling all around,
On the housetops, on the ground.
Rain is falling on my nose,
On my head and hands and toes."

Since I am frequently in Primary mode (especially on a Sunday as I write this), I thought I would share a little song I taught the children during this wet season.  It brings to mind a charming picture of children having a good time playing in the rain.
We have lived this song and it did not seem charming at all in the moment. More than once I have dealt with dripping hair, soaking wet purse and books, drying out shoes, mud-stained clothing, mud in the flat, and an incredibly dirty car.

One day last week we went to visit the Mkandawires.  We have probably mentioned before that their home lies at the bottom of a very treacherous trail.  The weather looked a bit threatening when we parked the car on the major but rutted road about one half mile from their home but we decided we would go anyway.  I am Sister Mkandawire's visiting teacher and we could also work on a sharing time fro Primary.  After our arrival, I sat in the house visiting with Sister Mkandawire and George waited on the outside porch playing with the children and taking photos.
Then it began to rain, at first a little...
This neighbor didn't need additional protection for her head. 

Not sure how much a big leaf helps...

Violet, the eleven-year-old daughter was having a good time!

The heavens opened.

Still, it made doing the dishes much more fun!

When it really began to pour, we decided we had better wait it out, so Sister Mkandawire and I began to read the Book of Mormon together.  George and I had been in a downpour before and we were not going to do that again!

Still, one hour later the rain had not abated but it did appear to be easing up and maybe, just maybe, we should head out or we would be there for hours.

Within a very few minutes, we were slammed!  The path ahead of us looked like this. 

We had one umbrella between us and George gallantly gave it to me.  The path was so narrow that only one of us could use it.  George would pull me up sometimes when I kept slipping back with the slick rocks and no place to hang on.

When we finally reached the larger road where the car was parked, we were running but the entire roadway was a maze of small rivers and large puddles.

We finally reached the car and after we got in, we burst out laughing, or at least I thought we did.  

When I looked at the photos, maybe only one of us was laughing.

A few days later, we found ourselves once again in the rain and the mud and the muck when our car got stuck after the funeral.

Did I mention it was the WET SEASON?