Saturday, June 27, 2015

Photos Associated with "Love of Thy Neighbor"--George's Post

Here are the photos associated with "II. Key Principles.   B.  Love of Thy Neighbor."

The following photos are of a few of our many dear friends in the Zingwangwa Branch.  They have greatly enriched our lives.

Nimrod Chikapa, an active two year old, the son of President and Sister Chikapa.  Gradually he has gotten use to Sister Beal and me.

Sister Stella Kandulu, and her daughter Brenda.  Sister Stella was in the Relief Society Presidency when we arrived 8 months ago.  In the interim, she moved to South Africa, but has now returned.  It is not uncommon for Malawians to move back and forth to South Africa, looking for work, or moving to be with their spouses.  Long separations are also common.
Brother Munthali was one of the first members we met.  As a young man he studied in Ireland, a rarity especially then.  Now his eyesight is poor and walking is difficult.  He is so pleased that Memory, his youngest daughter, has received a mission call to the South Africa Johannesburg Mission.
Brother Mkochi is another of our migratory members.  A wonderful executive secretary, a returned missionary from Zimbabwe, a great support for President Chikapa.  Recently he moved to Lusaka, Zambia to work on developing an import/export business.  Rumor was that he planned to return, and though he was back for District Conference a couple of week ago, since then he has returned to Zambia.  The branch would love to have him back.

Brother Chimaliro, first counselor in the Branch Presidency and painter by trade.  Shortly he will take his exams in order to qualify of a M.C.S.E. diploma ("Malawi Certificate of Secondary Education"--the equivalent of graduating from Form 4.  When Sister Beal and I visited, he seemed intrigued to learn of the significance of the badges on his shirt.  Boy scouts are unknown in Malawi.

Clement Phiri, a faithful member, and now father of three boys, 14, 9 and two months.  He lives high on Mount Soche, together with wife and three kids.  He loves, and I love, his hardhat.

Brother and Sister Nthenda in front of their brick home in Manje.  The structure was totally destroyed in the rains of November 2014, but it is in the process of being rebuilt.  One of our most memorable events was helping the Nthenda move their belongings to his in-laws home out near Limbe, normally a five minute ride, but during the November storms a hour plus trip.    

Sister Beal and Sister Tsegula.  We have become fast friends of the Tsegulas and their large extended family, many of whom live on the family complex near Three Ways Market between Manje and Soche.
This week we are going to take the Tsegulas to his village in the Thyolo District, only a 30 minute drive from Blantyre.  Brother Tsegula has exceptional common sense, quick wit, and local knowledge.  He is one of my "go to" people for all things Malawian.
Sister Ambali, another member of the branch Relief Society Presidency, is a relatively new member.  She lives in Chilobwe, above the market and behind the Catholic Church, together with her three children.
Yesterday Carole and I visited the Makawas, who live high on Mount Soche.  Their home was one of the two homes totally destroyed during the heavy rains of last November.  Just a week ago, it was finally rebuilt, allowing the family to resettle back home, but this time with a better foundation.  Hopefully, they will be spared further property damage.  As we have visited with the Makawas since our arrival, we can usually count on their daughter Gertrude to spot us long before we get to their home. 
Memory Munthali, with fancy hair braids, now called to serve in the Zimbabwe Harare Mission, which once included all of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.
Brother Nyama, a fabulous Sunday School instructor, home builder and District Council member.  He is the father of three and lives in Zingwangwa, only a ten minute walk from Church, short by Malawian standards.


The James family, whose home is between the Tsegulas and Nthendas.  When we first visited them, Sister James fortunately came to the Three Ways Market to serve as our guide.  Otherwise, we would still be looking for them.

Brother Mkandawire, a Mission auditor, counselor in the Elder's Quorum Presidency, employed by Vanguard, a Malawian insurance product company.  The father of three, though he and his wife recently took in his nephew when Brother Mkandawire's brother passed away.  He drives a motor bike and car, looking very sporty.