Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Of mice and sister missionaries - Carole's Post

Last June we had the fun of seeing off two delightful sister missionaries who had come up from Lilongwe so George could set them apart.

Sister Kasera is going to Uganda and Sister Gomani is going to Uganda.

As we got to the chapel, Sister Kasera asked is we knew Frank Mantchichi.  We sure did..and he was there ar the chapel working on Public Affairs.  Frank had been a missionary who helped convert Sister Kasera to the gospel.  Now she was going on a mission.  What a happy reunion!
The sisters went off with Sisters Dlamini and Browning to get to work and to spend the night.

The next morning we picked up Sister Kasera for her flight to Johannesburg (MTC).
Then in July, Memory Munthali of the Zingwangwa branch left on her mission to Zimbabwe.  We had a sweet setting apart with her father and close friend.

Brother Munthai is partially blind and Memory has been taking care of him for a long time.
With Sister Mwale, a special friend.
Then she will go off with the sister trainers, Sister Frimpong and Sister Dlamini.
A very poignant good-bye to her father.  He has prayed for this day!

Also in July, we learned at the last minute that Sister Muthengi from Kenya would be leaving us because of health concerns.  In order to catch a plane to Nairobi, we had to drive her to Lilongwe.  The sister trainers came with us on that Sunday afternoon.

When we arrived in Lilongwe, there was a happy reunion with Sister Rasband - one of the first missionaries that we got to know!
Sister Muthengi was trying to be positive at what was a very emotional time.
Sister Dlamini

Sister Rasband and her companion Sister Tuai

The next day we returned home with Sisters Dlamini and Frimpong.  On the highway home, we took a small detour to visit the wood-carved toy cars, bikes, and planes.

We could see the carvers sitting behind the stalls, working intently.
It was time to make some decisions!  11 grandsons and 5 granddaughters!                                                 
Sister Frimpong was a good negotiator.

Sister Dlamini is from South Africa.  Sister Frimpong has two passports!  She was raised in the UK, but was born in Ghana.  She speaks beautiful queen's English.

We later stopped to look at the goatskin shields and drumsticks.  Sister Dlamini led the negotiations.
Finally, we got back in our car to drive home, but there was one more stop we had to make.  There were several young boys along the road holding up mice skewers!
So we paid 200 kwacha (40 cents) and bought one.
These are the reactions...
Sister Dlamini - "really???"
Sister Frimpong - "This is disgusting!"

We gave the skewer back to the boy in spite of buying it from him!

When we got home, Christopher was delighted with the shield and drumstick.  He said it brought our his Ngoni blood!
A few weeks later, when Tomicah was visiting, we brought home some nice mice skewers for Christopher - which really brought out his Ngoni blood!

This is even when he is wearing his chef's uniform! 

He loved them while we all looked on aghast - even Davie!