Wednesday, March 2, 2016

YSA: A Room Full of Talent - Carole's Post

You could tell that people were excited.  The posters had been up all month, announcing that on Saturday there would be a YSA talent show activity.  The missionaries told us that the members were going to bring their non-member friends so it was a great missionary activity.  
The committee tried to be organized.  Each branch representative gathered the names of all the people that would be performing and Jonathan Banda, the chairman, and I tried to organize it into a printed program, varying the types of acts.  After all, we didn't want it to get away from us and it had the potential.....

As usual, we set up the room beforehand.

With almost every YSA activity, we offer bread, butter, and peanut butter because many of the kids are coming to the Blantyre building from institute (or seminary) in the Zingwangwa or Ndirande buildings and it is such a long way with no lunch.

Believe me, the food goes fast and I become the food Nazi, continually admonishing "two pieces only" and "remember that others have to eat too!"

We use the same cups for every activity but getting them back is not always easy.

Louis Likuka and Assante Themuka were in charge of the technical side of the program.  That's Jonathan Banda, YSA district leader and MC for the activity, in the back.  He manages to get in a lot of photos!

Fiskani Ngulube is trying to get a handle on the program.  His name is on the agenda in a couple of places.

The chairs are slowly filling up after everyone has a bit to eat.  Nancy Masoo and Natasha Tembo are both prospective missionaries. Natasha's completed application went in this week.

Some people are anxious to get the show rolling!

First up!
We know our district president is a talented fellow, but he had a talent I wasn't aware of!
Such a deep voice!  Was he really singing?  Nope, but he sure was believable as Don Williams singing "You Are My Best Friend"!

And then he got the group clapping..
and finished by reading a statement giving several reasons why we should all write to the missionaries!

Lip syncs were popular.
I loved Kelvin Chinomwe's spoof of "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes".

Choreographed (sort of ) lip syncs.

Not all talents are performances.  Jonathan called up Nancy to show everyone her woven scripture bags and purses. This is how she is earning money for her mission.  When I went to Zambia three weeks ago, I brought back 17 orders so she has been very busy!

Nezala Khoriyo, soon to be Elder Khoriyo.  As one of the talents, Frank Manchichi put together a video of Nezala opening his mission call with friends and family surrounding him.  We all got to see it - the music, the predictions of where he would go, the suspense, and the finale.  He will be going to Uganda!

The Tchongwe sisters - Wongani, Lilian,and Faith

Jonathan, the MC, manages to slide into another act.
So they are not exactly YSAs, but they were there to perform and slipped in under the radar.
Christopher Sitolo and Lyford Ngwira (the two counselors in the 2nd branch presidency).  Lyford is not exactly a YSA either, but rather a "YMA" but he comes to make sure the sound system is functioning.

Goffrey Dzowa recited the entire Introduction to the Book of Mormon!...
which brought big smiles to Elder Majekodumni and Elder Stark.

Frank Mantchichi frequently has a camera in hand.  He is the Social Media director for Malawi Public Affairs.

Yes, I am smiling - and that's in spite of sitting next to the speakers!

Christopher sang without any accompaniment - no need to lip sync there!
And Regina, a favorite, also used her own voice.

A few more songs and a few more dances
Three hours later and it's time to wrap it up.  Brownies and of course, the clean-up followed.  What a way to spend the afternoon!  I'm sure many are already thinking of what they can do next year!