Friday, November 21, 2014

Collage of African Children--George's Post

Little children are everywhere. Infants are strapped to their mothers' backs with broad cotton wraps called "chitenge." They are carried by older children. They play by themselves or in clusters. They are found along streets, on front steps and in front yards. They roam, often without much oversight, among their homes. They are part of the community. My grandchildren, I know, would love to see them, so I pulled together this initial collage of children's photos. Most of the photos are of young children, found in home settings. Some are church members, but many are not. African children are smaller, and it is often hard to guess their ages. They always find us strange. Frequently, they call out "mzungu" (white person) or "azungu" (white people) as we pass-- we have been told the phrases are not considered derogatory.