Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Exceptional Sisters of Blantyre - Carole's Post

One of the real joys of missionary work is working alongside the young elders and sisters in our city. Our assignments are different; the younger missionaries have the calling to seek and find those who are receptive to the gospel and we have the calling to support and train members and leaders in the branches.  Obviously there is some overlap and we enjoy getting together with them any time it makes sense.  That means district meetings on Tuesday and the branch missionary committee meeting on Saturday.  We are especially fortunate to have a companionship of sisters who live just steps away in our apartment complex.

 Sister Rasband (from Alpine, Utah) and Sister Komiha (from Zimbabwe)

I heard that the elders liked to play soccer until Sister Komiha played with them.  They were in shock over her footwork but then, they didn't know she was asked to join the national soccer team in Zimbabwe! She chose a mission instead and now her footwork is walking the streets of Blantyre. She has also learned to speak Chechewa on her mission.
Sister Rasband works tirelessly and has helped me with computer issues so I think she is the greatest!

There are two other companionships and they live together on the other side of town.
 Sister Proctor (from Alpine and a high school classmate of Sister Rasband) and Sister Bulha (from Mozambique)
Sister Griffus (from Minnesota) and Sister Mntungwa (from South Africa)
Sister Griffus has a rollicking sense of humor and says the Africans are always confused when she tells them where she if from!

The sisters work very hard!  After our service project last Friday when we worked several hours in the heat and dust moving bricks, George and I came home and took a shower and a break.  We dropped Sisters Rasband and Komiha off at the church where they washed up, changed into the clothes stuffed in their backpacks, and went on their way with scheduled meetings, reaching out to anyone on the street.

 I went with them one day and they taught three discussions in one morning. Two of their investigators were not there for the scheduled meetings, but in both cases, they found someone else to teach in their home within a short time!  Such sweet and cheerful spirits!

Last Monday was P(preparation) Day.  Normally the sisters spend their time shopping for the week, writing emails home and doing laundry.  The laundry part - that means washing everything by hand and hanging things out to dry on racks!  However, this Monday we had permission to take the sisters for an outing to the Majete Game Reserve, about 1 1/2 - 2 hours away.  We met at 7 am in front of our apartment.
They were nice enough to order a t-shirt for me so I could feel like I belong!  In case you are wondering what it says..."I got 99 problems but salvation ain't one" and on the back "Alma 9:28".

On the way there, we stopped at an overlook which had beautiful views of the valley below.

I think the sisters were really excited to see a different side of Malawi!

 Sister Reynolds had made delicious sandwiches for lunch so we stopped at a great spot where we had a view of the Shire River.

This are some of the animals we could see..

This guy was a favorite - whatever he is, he is very spiritual..
 He must have heard the discussion on prayer!

All in all, it was a great day and more than anything, it allowed the sisters to enjoy one another's company and get recharged.  They were back by mid-afternoon and ready to go!  After all, they are the exceptional sisters of Blantyre!